Materials that will get the job done.

Meridian provides labels printed on materials that will get the job done, including: Tear-Resistant Polyart Valeron Tyvek, Kimdura and other durable stock options A variety of reliable adhesives We can provide quantities from 100 to 1,000,000, and sizes ranging from very small to 17”x 24“ sheets, we offer solutions for the most demanding applications. Applications Hang


Xclaim™ Displays

Xclaim™ combines dimensions and simplicity. Xclaim couples a collapsible frame and magnetic locking arms with pre-attached, brilliant push-fit fabric graphics. Pop up your frame, connect the magnetic locking arms and you have an instant display. It doesn’t get much easier than this! Xclaim comes in over 29 different styles. With table top, banner size options,

FitMe Wellness of Rockford

Greg Georgis, Owner/Founder of FitMe Wellness of Rockford, consulted Meridian to further their brand identity. Providing FitMe Wellness large perforated window vinyl graphics was a distinct method of conveying their message. One way viewing perf allows you to completely wrap your storefront with graphics, while letting those inside see out as if there were no