Dear Meridian Employees:

During this unprecedented time of uncertainty and fast, major changes, we would like to extend our deepest appreciation not only for your continued hard work, but also for your dedication to our company’s larger mission as we move forward. Meridian employees have always been able to adapt and adjust without losing focus. This unique ability in each of you is one of the qualities that sets us apart as a company. Our mission has been and continues to be one of growth, evolution and empowerment.

We would like to acknowledge that your role during the last month has meant everything to the strength and survival of Meridian. However, we know that life and work have not been easy. As a business, we have had to make drastic adjustments in order to cope with the current pandemic. Additionally, you have made individual adjustments at home. As a team we have all been in this together doing the best we can with the new information emerging each day.

Through all of this, what we have learned and is that Meridian will thrive. We know this, not only because we have done it in the past, but because of what all of you have been able to do in our present situation – overcoming adversity while facing challenges of all sizes. As we acquire new knowledge about an innovative technology or a better way to do business, we evolve and adapt. This allows us to take care of our employees by staying current on trends, workplace culture, and business operations.

One element we are VERY excited to share about is the new building. It is still on track to open by late May. The photos below show the progress of the construction and how close it is to being completed! The new press will be delivered at the end of April. Moreover, as soon as weather permits, the parking lot and outside landscaping will wrap up the project. Then, the outdoor patio, fire pit, grilling area, and gazebo will be the finishing touches.

Most importantly, know we value your efforts during a time that is challenging for us all. Meridian is still a team and we look forward to a fulfilling, successful future together. May we come out of this crisis a better, safer, and more productive workplace. In fact, when this is over, the grand opening of the new Meridian will be that much sweeter. 

Take care, stay safe, and let us know if you need anything.


Bob & Bruce

Exterior Images


Interior Office


Interior Warehouse