Meridian, one of the Midwest’s top printing and marketing companies, has just announced their recent certification as a G7 Master Printer. Already an industry leader, this new technology places Meridian on the cutting edge. They bring their clients even closer and faster to accurate color, without the “risk factor” that can linger in the print production management process. Technology like this easily saves hours of time for each customer. Additionally, Meridian has the technical expertise to get it right the first time.

Meridian’s rigorous process, training and certification assures customers of the most modern technology, techniques, and process controls. Moreover, it produces a consistent visual match from proof to print, and higher-quality printing.

“Earning our G7 certification was an important goal that we are glad to have achieved. However, the real benefits of the certification go to our customers, who see the end result,” says Bob Chanson, president of Meridian. “Customers can now enjoy faster make-readies, closer proof-to-print matches and the highest print quality that is currently available.”

Meridian’s G7 certification will offer relief and peace of mind. Color management across all printing processes is often the most difficult area to manage. To say nothing of dealing with multiple printers, multiple production methods, staggered production dates, and short production time-lines.

“For many of our customers, their color is their brand, and protecting their brand by getting their color correct every time is extremely important to us,” explains Mr. Chanson.

The G7 Master program relies on highly trained G7 Expert consultants to train printers to calibrate their systems. Additionally, to use the G7 process on an ongoing basis. Once qualified, G7 Masters must be re-verified on a yearly basis to assure that they maintain calibration and process.