NFC is not just referring to football anymore. It’s now a reference to a very popular technology. The acronym stands for Near Field Communication. NFC technology is a short-range wireless connectivity standard (Ecma-340, ISO/IEC 18092) that uses magnetic field induction to allow communication between devices when they’re touched together. Mutually developed by Philips and Sony, the standard requires a way for the devices to establish a peer-to-peer (P2P) network to exchange data.

So how can I use this on my promotional supplies, you may ask? Anything that has a large enough surface space to attach the connector chip to it will work! You probably won’t be placing it on a pen, but journals, notebooks, briefcases and bags are great ideas to start with. When you attach this NFC technology to your promotional products you are connecting the recipient to your website with just the touch of their Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled devices!

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