Meridian offers a wide variety of PPE products to help you keep your employees and visitors safe. These products are going fast, order before they’re gone!

Protective Masks

Male person of color wearing black medical face mask on orange background.

Hand Sanitizer

Alcohol Wipes

Photo of alcohol pads / wipes in box and spread out over green background.


White Infrared Thermometer on light blue background

Floor Graphics

Top view of feet standing on top of circular floor graphic that says "Please stand 6 feet apart."

Safety Signage

White and blue please practice social distancing sign on green background. Sign depicts 2 people standing 6 feet apart.

Pedal Sanitizer

Two hands, cupped under spout of an Astreea pedal hand sanitizer unit on orange background.

Antigen Tests

Photo of iHealth and Flowflex Covid-19 Antigen at Home Test Kits

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**Please note: All products, pricing, and availability are subject to change at ANY TIME due to current economic and supply chain conditions

Due to extreme demand, all pricing will be confirmed at the time the order has been placed. With the current off-shore supply chain climate, all PPE orders MUST be pre-paid. Your pre-payment reserves your order in production. We accept payment via a secure Credit Card link or ACH.

Orders may NOT be canceled once payment has been received and the order has moved to production.

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